RETIRED 2016 American Girl Doll Lea & her Kayak, Sloth & Sea Turtle


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2016 Girl OF The Year: Lea Clark, Her Kayak set, Sea Turtle & Three-Toed Sloth


 LEA CLARK doll was released in 2016 and was available for only one year before retirement. She is new, never played with, used as display only. Meet outfit sold separately.

Dolls can discover what’s beneath the waves in this clear-bottomed ocean kayak!

The KAYAK set includes:

  • A colorful ocean kayak, featuring a sail that can be collapsed, swiveled, or removed
  • A paddle that dolls can really hold
  • A colorful nylon life vest
  • Two double-sided underwater scenes that fit into slots under the kayak
  • Doll and kayak should not be placed in water.

Lea loves turtles, so she’s thrilled when she gets to see them in the wild in Brazil! This cute little 6" (15.2 cm) plush sea turtle has mottled colors all over—like a real sea turtle—and an adorable embroidered face.

Lea adores sloths—shaggy, slow-moving animals that live in trees in the rainforest. This cute little 7.5" (19 cm) plush sloth has a sweet embroidered face and touch-closure front and back paws, so it can hang onto things just like a real sloth.

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