Meet Marie is a Colombian-based brand designed by Mary Meisel. Mary creates simple, yet dynamic contemporary wardrobe pieces for teens. Clothes that channel the everyday version of a cool teen who is authentically true to herself, confident, joyful, and free

Meet Marie prides itself on using responsible materials, handmade techniques, and ethical manufacturing processes. The brand uses organic and sustainable fabrics such as linen and cotton and ‘seeks to bring a soulful sensibility to everything’ they do.

This collection is versatile with many mix-and-match possibilities in styling. The look and feel are deeply inspired by the new contemporary young girl: one who is confident, who feels at ease with herself, and who has places to go, people to see, and friends to meet.

Meet-Marie has been featured in: countless tween fashion blogs, Billboards (Tine Square) and countless magazines

 Junior Style - Kids fashion community Teen Vogue — Shelley Gregory Hair

Tangereene - Fashion & Inspiration For Today's Youth

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