Retired 1980s American Girl / Pleasant Company Samantha's Tea Tin Lunchbox

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Very Rare Early Version
Authentic American Girl / Pleasant Company

Samantha's Tea Tin Lunchbox was introduced to Samantha's Collection in 1986 as part of her School Collection and is associated with the book, Samantha Learns A Lesson. It was modified in 2007 and eventually retired in 2008 with Samantha's archival. This set is a very early version from the 1980's.

Tea Tin Lunchbox: Brass oval lunch pail with brass handle and lid. You'll notice that this set has the flat handle (not raised) only found on some of the early tins. 

Napkin: White cloth napkin with scalloped edges. Embroidered floral design in corner. 

Sandwich: White watercress sandwich. Only half of a sandwich was included in the original version. This was later changed to a full sandwich in 2007. This sandwich has the longer leaves sticking out, only found on earliest sets.

Peach: Whole peach. This was split in half in later versions.

Cookie: Gingerbread cookie. White icing for eyes, mouth and buttons.

This is a very old set and there are some  discoloration on the brass from age but can be polished to make shiny. 

This set is highly collectible and in excellent vintage condition considering its age. Similar sets with missing pieces are selling for over $100. 

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